Pulaski County Georgia Wills

There are four volumes of records in the Ordinary’s office, from which the following abstracts of wills and of estates have been taken. The first volume is not marked by alphabetical order, and contains only six wills, dating from 1809 to 1816; the second volume, Book A, covers the years 1810 to 1848; the third …read more

Pulaski County, Georgia Land Lottery

In 1802 Georgia ceded to the US all the land between the Chattahoochee and the Mississippi River, in return for a promise from the US to remove all Indians from Georgia’s reserve territory. “By purchase if possible; by pressure if necessary.” By an act of the Legislature in the year 1803, the new Purchase of …read more

Pulaski County Georgia Marriages

Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930 5800 marriage records for Pulaski County, Georgia, broken down alphabetically by groom name. Not searchable Posey, Nehemiah – Certificate of Marriage, 1777

Pulaski County, Georgia History

Rude drawings in caves once inhabited by the early Cave-Man and crude writings expressed the desire of our most ancient ancestors to give to posterity their history. In the great pyramids of Egypt the Egyptians went even farther, and, in addition to carving their history in stone, undertook to send down their royal personages in …read more

Pulaski County Georgia Genealogy and History

Welcome to Pulaski County, Genealogy and History website. Our names are Dennis Partridge and Judy White, and we are the host of this county website. We welcome you and request your participation! If you have questions, please ask. If you can provide data for Pulaski County, Georgia then please do! This website is affiliated with …read more

Pulaski County, Georgia Biographies

Pulaski County is not one of the largest counties of the State, but it takes just pride in the men and women it has given to the world. Hawkinsville has furnished Macon and Atlanta, as well as other cities, such a noticeably large number of “leading citizens” that outsiders are sometimes said to wonder if …read more