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55 thoughts on “Gilmer County Georgia Queries

  1. Reply Viola Holden Jones Jan 16,2016 11:52 am

    I am researching Uriah Holden (1793-1866) I found recently he was married to Rhoda Wallace not Rhoda Brookshire. Rhoda was the daughter of Jesse Wallace and Sarah Wade of SC. I have documentation on this should anyone need it. Uriah is not the Civil War Uriah B. that was his son. He is buried at Sugar Creek as was Rhoda and they have new corrected stones. One of the older descendants says this Holden family were in Yadkin Valley(Surry CO) NC. There was an older Robert Holden who came from England as a Tax Collector and was granted land in NC. He later was assigned to survey Carolina before is was separated into 2 states. This Robert was killed by Indians in 1817. He had 3 sons; however only one name is known,Joseph. Joseph and a Finley man made some trips with Daniel Boone into KY. Later Joseph had two son (Jack and Tom) who accompanied Daniel and Joseph had one son killed on this trip along with Daniel’s son. Joseph’s other son, in whom I am interested, was Jeff.
    Robert was granted land in the area that joined SC and GA. I find some Holdens who live in that area that could connect to our Holden line. I have DNA for Uriah and Ozias and it does not match any of the other Holdens in Gilmer and Fannin. Would you like to help me research the Old Robert Holden descendants?

  2. Reply Barbara Roberts Dec 10,2015 4:28 pm

    LONG family.
    I am searching for information for my grandmother, Margaret Adline Long, born Nov. 30, 1874, Gilmer County, Ga. I know she lived in Leaches district along with her husband, Riley A. Bradley, as listed on census report if 1900. From what I have determined, she was the daughter of Peter Long. I am not certain if I have the correct Peter Long. I would specifically like to be able to determine if she was of the Cherokee nation as we were told for many years. Any information would be appreciated.

  3. Reply Pierce Williams Nov 7,2015 3:57 pm

    My Grandfather, John Newton Williams was born in Leaches 24 Jan. 1879. Two of his sisters were born in Gilmer County, GA after him. Sarah Selina Williams was born 22 Aug. 1883 and died 17 Sept. 1883. Moltra Vester Williams was born 25 May 1887 and died 17 July, 1889.
    Does anyone know where these two sisters might be buried?
    Does anyone have any information on them or this family?
    Thank You!
    Pierce Williams
    Gadsden, Al

  4. Reply Alethea Jul 18,2015 4:58 pm

    Searching for information on a Johnson family living in Oconee County, GA. Albert and Laura Johnson and children. I believe Albert is the son of Jno and Fannie Johnson.

  5. Reply Sheila Apr 23,2015 10:02 pm

    Robert William WRIGHT

    Robert William Wright – born August 31, 1928. He was killed in a car accident here in Ellijay back in 1952. He died September 2, 1952 in Jasper. He was married to Katie Irene Williams in Jasper on November 15, 1947. His mother was Lucille Wright. I have no information on his father. He had two uncles Charles E Wright and Bruce Wright Sr. He is buried in Liberty Baptist Cemetery on Old Hwy 5. This is a list of people buried in the same lot he is and they are all Wrights except for one. E Lucille- 1912-1947; Charles E Wright GA CPL 51 MESS SQ AAF ?????????? WWII Sept 17, 1915- Aug 23, 1953; Edward B Chester ???????????? 1888-1962; Robert L. 1871-1944; Bruce Jr. 1939-1944; He also had two sons Robert Jerry Wright and C. Ronny Wright.

  6. Reply Janie Worley Bedrich Apr 23,2015 10:02 pm

    James Henry WORLEY

    I am searching for all information available about James Henry Worley born in Gilmer County about 1858 to Henry H. Worley and Elmarie Teague Worley.. I know he married Elizabeth M. Tankersley and fathered Lester Worley and Mary Kimmiline Worley Quarles.. I am interested in finding the name of his other wives (he had at least one other unknown wife). I need an obituary for him. He was murdered April 19, 1894, in the most sensational murder case in Georgia History. I have much newspaper coverage from the Atlanta Constitution. and many many court documents prior to his murder.. I know he is my great grandfather.. He was father to Sara Elizabeth Worley and my grandfather Bryant Leonard Worley.. I am in desperate need of someone to help me find the link for my tree.. Thanks in advance and God Bless.

  7. Reply Amanda Apr 23,2015 10:02 pm

    Lee Monroe WITHROW

    I am searching for information on Nora Adaline Harper, b. 1884 d. 1968 married Lee Monroe Withrow in 1903. Nora is the daughter of William P. and Leigh Plemmons Harper. I believe they may have resided in Board Town/Mountain Town areas of Gilmer County.

  8. Reply Candise Apr 23,2015 10:01 pm

    Joseph Anderson WILLIS

    I don’t know much about my family history, but my great grand father’s mother’s maiden name is Nancy Lucindy Withrow. She married Joseph Anderson Willis. If you have any information please send it to me. Thanks.

    • Reply Deborah Davis Oct 23,2015 11:43 am

      It looks to me like this link is for Nancy Withrow and John A Willis with Nancy’s mother Alois(Aloie)A Witherow living in the home with them in 1930. I will let you verify it for accuracy. On the left side near the bottom.

      My husband’s great grandmother was Carolyn M Witherow, daughter of Thomas J Witherow. I have found Withrow spelled several ways: Wetherow, Witherow, Withrow.

  9. Reply Harold Cochran Apr 23,2015 10:01 pm


    Looking for info on JOHN UNDERWOOD 1825-1849, son of ELIJAH AND ELEANOR REDMAN UNDERWOOD , died as a young man in Gilmer, Ga., and left young children, who were living in the household of John’s cousin, David and Frances Redman Underwood in the Gilmer County census 1850. (also in the same household in Cherokee Co 1860 US Census) Later in the 1850s, their grandfather, ELIJAH UNDERWOOD posted a guardianship bond in Cherokee County for the following children; ADOLPHUS OR DOLPHUS UNDERWOOD, DICY MAE UNDERWOOD, HENRY E. UNDERWOOD, and JOHN UNDERWOOD, JR. In the year 1863 the grandfather, ELIJAH UNDERWOOD died and FRANCES REDMON UNDERWOOD posted a guardian ship bond for the children at home in that year.

  10. Reply Kathryn Bassett Apr 23,2015 10:01 pm

    Joseph THOMPSON

    Joseph Thompson and Sarah Price. Everything I know about them can be found at Rhinehart & Bassett Family Tree. The link is to the the page where Joseph currently resides. If that link breaks, then go to Rhinehart & Bassett Family Tree and navigate the surname index to Thompson, Joseph. I need missing information. Here’s hoping!

  11. Reply Timothy Henry Apr 23,2015 9:59 pm

    Moses TEAGUE

    Looking for a historian of Gilmer County, GA. Seems my ancestor Moses Teague is buried next to his brother in Mt Zion Cemetery. Looking for details on my great grandparents wedding.

  12. Reply J. Harry Sutherland Apr 23,2015 9:56 pm


    I am in the process of writing a book on the Sutherland Family. Moses data is kinda hard to come by. Do you have any information on him? He is buried in Mt. Pisgah Cem. He died in 1932. He was married to Tarrey Medlin, she is buried next to him. Moses was minister at Flat Creek Bapt. Church near the county line. This is about all I have on him. Thank you for any help.

    • Reply Deborah Davis Oct 23,2015 9:00 am

      Mr J. Harry Sutherland,
      I think this link will be for Moses Sutherland death certificate. The last name of the spouse is different but alot of times people gave wrong information. The date lists 1933 as year of death. The first name of the spouse is close enough to be considered. It gives his parents names and that they were born in South Carolina. Sutherlands and Hendrix families have a long history. In researching my husband’s McGill side, I find that his wife was a Roper and there was some connection between them and Moses Hendrix. Hendrix, Sutherland, Trotters, Mcgills, and Ropers are often interconnected. Susan Trotter sold land said to belong to Ansel McGill for the estate of Moses Hendrix.

      My husband is also kin to Douthitts on his Davis side.

      It appears if it is the correct Moses (MT Sutherland) He was wounded in the Civil war at Ft. Harrison VA and again later and my husband’s great grandfather J F (James Francis) McGill signed a witness statement.

    • Reply Deborah Davis Oct 23,2015 9:39 am

      This is link to 1860 Pickens County SC census of Samuel Sutherland but wife is Elizabeth. You will note all the Edens, Ropers, and Rigdons. One of my husbands McGill great aunts married a Rigdon. If you click on the four multidirection arrows on the site you should be able to enlarge it and use the arrows in the bottom right to move to look at the Pickens census.

  13. Reply Rebecca Apr 23,2015 9:56 pm

    Singleton STOKES

    I am looking for the father of Singleton Stokes b.11-11-1807 in Virginia and died 10-26-1891 in Greenville County, South Carolina. Family history states that he came to Pleasant Hill, S.C. from Georgia. I have found a Singleton Stokes b. 1855 in Georgia and have good reason to believe he was from Gilmer Co. This could be a nephew because Singleton is not a re-current name in our researched line. Just a shoot in the dark that someone may have some info. Thank you in advance.

  14. Reply Patt Thomas Apr 23,2015 9:55 pm

    Nancy SMITH

    Looking for parents of Nancy Smith who married Abner Murray Watkins. The Watkins made their home in the Cherry-Log Area of Gilmer County. Nancy was born around 1810 in Rabun County, GA.

  15. Reply Aleetha Fry Apr 23,2015 9:55 pm

    Lucius Patton SMITH

    I am looking for information on Lucius Patton Smith. His 1st wife was Mary Craigo. I would like the date of her death. And the date of his 2nd marriage to Mary Adeline ?. Also I would like to know Mary Adelin”s maiden name. Lucius died in Gilmer c. March 10, 1882. If anyone has any information on this family please contact me.

  16. Reply Pat Hatfield Apr 23,2015 9:54 pm

    Cecilia Eliz. SMITH

    I am seeking info on Cecilia Eliz. Smith born on or about 1877, lived in Cherry Log, GA. probably born there and went to AR. prior to 1897 where she married. She is my gr.mother we know very little about her family other then she had a cousin or sister called Addie Holt. She married under name of Smith and told husband she and Addie were cousins then later told him they were really sisters. There were cousins or nephews named Homer Smith and Claude Smith, Johnny Holt and Mozelle his wife or sister possibly. Thanks a lot, please let me know if anyone knows even the slightest bit.

  17. Reply sparks10 Apr 23,2015 9:54 pm

    Levi B. SILVER

    I am seeking info on my great grandfather Levi B. “Bud” Silver (b 1858)who came from TN to Gilmer Co Ga about 1859. He was the son of Greenberry and Manervia Silver from Yancey NC. Greenberry was the son of John and Mary Silver of Maryland to Yancey to Gilmer Co. before 1850. GG Levi “Bud” married Jane Amanda Wilson daughter of James R and Lucinda Wilson from Yancey to Gilmer Co in the 1870’s. He died after 1892 and before 1900. GG Jane Amanda is listed as a widow in the 1900 census for Jasper/Pickens Co. My grandmother Victoria was born in 1892. GG Levi is buried at Ball Creek Baptist and GG Jane Amanda is buried in the Wilson plot at Refuge Baptist. I cannot find a recording of their marriage nor information about his death. He has no markings, other than his name “Bud Silvers” on his headstone. Thanks for any information.

  18. Reply Arthur Sharpe Apr 23,2015 9:54 pm

    SHARP Family

    I’m looking for information about Robert, William, John, or James Sharp or any other Sharp’s that lived In Gilmer Co. from 1840-1900s. I have the following from census data: 1880 – William Sharp (40) married to Liddia (Lydia?) M (36) with children Harriot (11), Robert R (7), Ideler (5), Harly (2), Charly (2mo). 1870 – W M Sharp (31) married to Lydia M (25) with children John W H (3) and Harriettt E (1). This is most likely the same family as the one above. James Sharp (67) married to Margaret (67) James H Sharp (22) married to Elizabeth (22) with children Mary M (6mo) and Harriett (1). John M Sharp(44) married to Clerisa (43) with children Laura (15), Margaret (13), Tabitha (10), and Levada (7). L H Sharp (34) married to Jane (40) with children Albert E (3), Margaret E (2) and James T (1) 1860 – James Sharp (57) married to Margaret (57) with children Halory L (23), Martha A (21), Elias P (20) and Sarah L (17). John M Sharp (34) married to Clarissa R (32) with children James H (12), Mary J (10), Martha (7), Laura (4) and Margaret (2) The census says that all of the Head of Household and most of the wives were from NC. I have a great grandfather named Robert R Sharp who was married to Martha Matilda Julian Boyd, both born around 1872. I’m looking for information that can link this Robert R Sharp to the one in Gilmer Co.

  19. Reply Martha Apr 23,2015 9:53 pm

    Wade RAY

    I was looking for something on my great grandparents Wade RAY and Elizabeth DAVENPORT. I think that Columbus GARTRELL married my great aunt Polly RAY. I have not been able to find anything on Wade or Elizabeth. My grandmother was born in Ellijay in 1875. Her name was Sarah RAY. If you have any information please let me know.

  20. Reply Ruth Byrne Apr 23,2015 9:53 pm

    Rachel Minerva NEWTON

    I am looking for the parents of Rachel Minerva Newton. She was the first wife of Joseph Marion Withrow. Rachel was born on September 8 1835 and died on October 1887 in Fannin County, GA. She’s buried in the Salem #2 Baptist Church cemetery. My grandfather said that his grandfather, Joseph M. Withrow, ran off with a servant girl and his grandmother died of a broken heart??

  21. Reply Regenia Unrein Apr 23,2015 9:53 pm

    Sarah C. MULLINAX

    I am searching for Sarah C. “Sallie” Mullinax, m. to Jacob Deal on January 10, 1836, in Ellijay, Gilmer County, GA. They are listed in the 1850 Fed. Census for Gilmer Co, GA, as Jacob and Sarah Deals. (family number 1011) The census has her age at 28, this would make her b. d. ca 1822. ANY information on Sarah would be appreciated, e.g., parents, siblings, b. place. Sarah and Jacob had twelve children, seven sons and five daughters.

  22. Reply Priscilla Davis Apr 23,2015 9:52 pm

    Daniel B. MILLER

    My Brickwall is my ancestor, Daniel B Miller. He was born in SC; appeared on the 1840 Gilmer Co, GA census; married Barbara (Barra) Pettit 12/13 Mar 1842; was on 1870 Gilmer Co GA census, Subdivision #55, Ellijay. Their children were Warren J (this is my gr-grandfather) born 1845 in Gilmer Co, GA, Mulhada, George W, Margaret A, John T and Mary V. Daniel and wife Barbara and George and Warren moved to Arkansas. I am trying to research this Miller line. Can you help me? Thank you for your time.

  23. Reply Debbie & Chuck Apr 23,2015 9:52 pm

    William MAY

    I am looking for any information on the MAY family, living in Cartecay, Gilmer Georgia 1880. Hoping this is the lost family of William Smate May, with a second marriage. The Folks listed on the census page are : WILLIAM, age 63, ELIZABETH, age 46, RIDGEWAY, age 26, ANNE E., age 24, OWEN, age 23, HARRIET, age 21, FRANCIS, age 16, CHARITY, age 11, JOHN R., age 9, MARY A, age 6, and a nephew, WILLIAM, AGE 6. All the children are born in Georgia, with the Father born in Tennessee. Any info that could connect this William to Bedford Co., Tennessee would be greatly appreciated. I am searching for decendents in regards to a son from his first marriage.

  24. Reply Lillian Duncan Apr 23,2015 9:52 pm

    Martha B. LONG

    Martha B. Long m. John Miles Holden – These are my GG Grandparents, both born about 1853 and both buried in Jasper, Hamilton County, FL. John Miles Holden was born in Ellijay and most likely married there. He is the son of Rev. John William Holden and Lydia Bearden. I have collected a wealth of information on the Holden descendancy but know very little about John himself. I have absolutely no information on Martha B. Long. I have 20 other Long surnames in my file from the same area and am certain that she must be related to at least one of them.

  25. Reply Gerald Cagle Gibson Apr 23,2015 9:51 pm


    I am the great grandson of James Franklin Gibson and Sophia Leatherwood Gibson. They lived in Cherry Log, Georgia in Gilmer County, and my great grandmother and a Great Uncle, Thomas Jefferson Gibson, are buried there (somewhere). Frank and Sophia had three children who survived childhood, and they were Ella b. June 1880, Thomas Jefferson Gibson, born November 3, 1886, and my grandfather, Robert Forrest Gibson, born July 21, 1892. I cannot find any information on Sophia’s family, the Leatherwoods, nor can I find where she and my Great Uncle Tom are buried. Also, according to a story once told to me by an uncle, my great Aunt Ella married a man with the last name of Talley and moved from Georgia, but I know not where.

  26. Reply Ray Langley Apr 23,2015 9:51 pm

    Pinkney A. LANGLEY

    My Grandfather was Pinkney A. Langley. I have been unable to find any information on who his parents were. In my research I have found that only two families of Langley’s ever lived in Gilmer County, John and Lock Langley and their descendants. Here is most of what I know about Pinkney. Pinkney Langley first appears on the 1880 census of Gilmer County as living with Lakey Elliott and Mary “Polly” Griggs. He is listed as a nephew and is seven years old. The next time he is found on the census is 1900. He is listed as a boarder, 28 years old, born March 1872 . He is living with William Elliott who is a son of Lakey Elliott. The census list Pinkney as having been born in Georgia, his father as having been in North Carolina and his mother as having been born in Georgia. Pinkney’s wife Harriett Craig Langley in 1900 is living with her Aunt Synthia Densmore (54 years old) and Aunt Mary Elliott (56 years old). Mary was Lakey Elliott’s second wife. Same Lakey as above. The Langley children were all living with Synthia Densmore, Caroline, David, Isabel and Pink. Tilton Avery wasn’t born until 1903. Harriett is listed as a widow in the 1920 census. She and Tilton Avery are living with William Taylor “Pink” Langley and Carrie Bowen Langley.

  27. Reply Sharon Apr 23,2015 9:51 pm

    John LANGLEY

    I am a descendant of John Langley, born 1803 in South Carolina and lived in Ellijay, Ga. I would like info or conversation with anyone researching there.

  28. Reply Margie Keener Romans Apr 23,2015 9:50 pm

    David KEENER

    The ancestors that I am searching for are the parents of David Keener. David was born in North Carolina around 1811. David is my great grandfather. I just need the parents of David to connect to the Casper Keener line.

    • Reply Rebecca Burrell Sep 13,2015 4:18 pm

      Have you gotten the information you was looking for? Come to the Keener reunion on Sunday, Sept. 27 at Flat Creek and maybe we can figure it all out. Bring your folks and pictures and stories!

  29. Reply Sheridan C. Randolph Apr 23,2015 9:50 pm

    Martin V. JONES

    I am looking for the marriage of Martin V. Jones to Sarah Ann ________. They were living in Gilmer County in 1850 and probably were married about 1848.

  30. Reply Teri Michelle Apr 23,2015 9:50 pm

    Mack JONES

    I have hit the “brickwall” with Mack JONES b. abt 1850 whose father, Samuel JONES b. abt 1823 is listed on the 1880 US Census – Cartecay, Gilmer Co., GA. The Census also lists other members of his family: his mother, Aba (aka Abby, Abbie) Delesa (ALLEN?) b. abt 1825; and siblings: Jane JONES b. 1848, Samuel (Jr.) JONES b. 1859, Rettie JONES, Morgan JONES, John Hansel JONES, Burten (“Bird”) JONES b. 1868 Some members migrated to Pickens County, GA, while others remained in Gilmer Co., GA. Mack Jones married Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON abt. 1885 Most of the information I have received about Mack has been from family interviews. Mack may have been a nickname. Any information concerning this family (Mack JONES, Samuel JONES) would be greatly appreciated.

    • Reply Brenda Cochran Aug 27,2015 11:53 am

      Teri, first–have you found new information?

      This is also my family and I believe that his name was Maxwell.
      E-mail me at, so we can work on this family tree. I do have a lot of information.
      Thanks, Brenda

  31. Reply Doris Allen Apr 23,2015 9:49 pm

    Aries JONES

    I am looking for a JONES family that was in Gilmer County, Ga. in 1850 and 1860 census. I need information on the Aries Jones, his wife Susan, and children Isaiah Jones, 20 yrs old on 1850 census born S.C.; James A. Jones, 13 yrs. old on 1850 census born S.C.; John W. Jones, 6 yrs old on 1850 census born S.C.; Frances E. Jones, 2 yrs old on 1850 census born Gilmer Co. Ga.; and on 1860 census it lists William R. Jones, 10 yrs old born in Gilmer Co. GA.

  32. Reply Judy Hollifield Bowman Apr 23,2015 9:49 pm


    I am researching the name HOLLIFIELD. Thomas Hollifield born 1827 North Carolina. Died 1906 at Gilmer CO., GA. He married a Martha Wood. They had several children born in Georgia. My brickwall is the parents of Thomas Hollifield. I haven’t been able to find anything about them. All info on the GA. Hollifields would be greatly appreciated, as I am a newbie at this. Doing this as a gift to my 12 year old, as a legacy from me to him. Thank you in advance for your help. Would be glad to share what I have with you.

  33. Reply Lillian Duncan Apr 23,2015 9:49 pm

    Uriah B. & Ozias HOLDEN

    These twins came from SC. We are still uncertain if Uriah’s wife was Rhoda Brookshire. Ozias’ wife was Mary Stephens. Our tallest brick wall is the twins parents. Most think it was Jane, although some believe Jane may have been a sister and was married to Reuben Rackley. Anyone that has not already contacted me, please feel free to do so.

  34. Reply Zandra Wostel Apr 23,2015 9:48 pm


    My great grandparents were Laura Annberry Nicholson and Oscar Henderson. I have been looking for years for info on them.

  35. Reply Amanda Apr 23,2015 9:48 pm

    William P. HARPER

    I am searching for information on William P. Harper and Leigh Plemmons, parents of Nora Adeline Harper. I have little information on these two and just family accounts that they lived most, if not all, of their lives in Gilmer County.

  36. Reply Peggy Sue O'Shields Gaddis Apr 23,2015 9:47 pm

    William A/L GADDIS

    I have been on a BRICKWALL with my William A or L Gaddis for a long time. He was born in Lumpkin Co. or Gilmer Co., GA, I do know and have found his sister in Gilmer, her name is Eva Gaddis/Dockery, She married William Wesley Dockery, Eva was born in 1865 or about and died in Gilmer Co., in June 1948 and her first husband Wm. Wesley Dockery was born about in 1851 and died in Gilmer Co., Ga., in 1932, then she married a Letterman but was buried by her first husband Wm. Wesley Dockery in Crossroads Cemetery on Highway 282. William’s parents were Pvt. Hubbard Gaddis born in 1832 in NC or a Sarah Gladden. If any one has any of these GADDIS in their file please let me know. Willis A. or L. Gaddis, Caroline Gaddis, James Gaddis, Miller or Millard Gaddis, Alexander Gaddis Children of Eva Gaddis/Dockery: Homer, Barauh, Hubbard Dockery. Thanks for any help will be appreciated.

  37. Reply Debbie Woolf Apr 23,2015 9:47 pm


    Lovada or Lavada Ann THOMPSON md. 1871 Union Co. GA William Columbus FORTNER. She is HH 1880 Gilmer Co. GA. There is a probability the older children in her house were either hers from a previous marraige (To who?) or his children by a previous marraige. She later used the surnames “DAVIS” and “MORGAN” on some of these children. Does anyone have information on this family to help clarify who the children belonged too? Please email me if you do. I do know Lovada’s mother and siblings. They were from Union and Fannin Co. GA.

  38. Reply Wilma Ray Apr 23,2015 9:47 pm

    Sarah E. EVANS

    I am looking for information on Sarah E. Evans b. abt 1848 d. abt.1896. She was married to John Robert Ray Jr. These were my husbands g grandparents. Their son and my husbands grandfather was Joseph A. Ray born in Gilmer County in 1884. I haven’t been able to find which Evans family she came from. Thanks in advance for any information anyone may be able to provide.

  39. Reply John Catron Apr 23,2015 9:46 pm

    John William DAVIS

    I am researching a John William Davis born on 3 January 1884 in Ellijay, Georgia, Gilmer County. He married Martha Kay Bradford. He died 29 November 1968 in Plant City, Florida. He had 3 sons that I know of, Claude Allen, b.1908, Columbus, b. !905-08 and Jackie, b. after 1909. Any information you have on this family and or John William or Martha Bradford’s Ancestors will be sorely appreciated.

  40. Reply Lorene Davis Apr 23,2015 9:46 pm

    John E. DAVIS

    Looking for parents and siblings of John E. Davis b.1827 NC d.1900 Ft. Scott KS. He married Louisa Margaret DeWeese, 1845 in Macon Co. NC. He moved to Ellijay, GA about 1856, owned land and ran a dry goods store in Ellijay and manufactured wagons and farmed. One known sibling – Sarah Caroline Davis b.1819 m. John Young. Sarah and John’s daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Young m. John Marion “Dock” Ward. Children of John E. Davis – Elizabeth A. “Minnie” m. W. H. Forrest, Garrett Henry m. Mary Julia Foote, John Jefferson “Jeff”, Robert Zimri, Columbus Jasper, Wm. Daniel “Will”, Lee Arlington, Alfred Lawrence, and Louisa “Sister”. John Davis and family moved to Ft. Scott KS about 1870. Son, Garrett Henry Davis moved back and raised his family in Ellijay. Children of Garrett Henry – Wilmot A. m. F. C. Sellers, Charles Jefferson m. Julia Estelle Smith, Lois Julia m. Lucius Smith, Alice Maude m. Robert Pinson, Wm. Lawrence m. Rubie Leola King, Harry Levier – not marry. ~ Also looking for information on parents of Mary Julia Foote – Hezekiah Rice Foote m. Julia Ann Adams and lived in Gilmer Co. GA in 1860 and 1870.

  41. Reply Wylene Alston Apr 23,2015 9:46 pm

    Isaac DAVIS

    I am looking for information on Isaac Davis. He married before 1805 to a Polly DAVIDSON probably in Buncombe Co., NC. Polly was the daughter of a Benjamin DAVIDSON. They had at least two children. Their daughter was Sarah ‘Davis’ Trammell was born February 03, 1805, in Buncombe Co., NC. Their son was John W. Davis. I need information either on Isaac Davis, or on his son John W. Davis. I think Isaac Davis probably died in Buncombe Co., but I am not sure. I know that Sarah ‘Davis’ Trammell was living in Gilmer Co., GA, in 1850, and in Fannin Co., GA in 1860. I am pretty sure the John W. Davis is found in the 1850 census was Sarah brother.

  42. Reply Beverly Cronan Apr 23,2015 9:45 pm

    Bailey CRAIG

    Looking for any info on Bailey Craig (thought to be B. J. Craig). Married Lucinda Gunter September 11, 1866. Both are buried at New Hope Church in Ellijay. They had 2 daughters, Jane Craig & Betty Craig (married Bob Garrett). Jane is also buried at New Hope, died 1919. Betty & Bob took her youngest child at age 6 (Willard C. Craig, deceased) Jane married a John Craig and had 1 son Fred Craig. (deceased) Jane was married to Lee Elliott in August 11, 1892. Had a daughter, Rosie Elliot (Griggs). She also had 2 other daughter’s that went by the last name of Sumner, Roma & Ruth. Names, dates, any info will be appreciated.

  43. Reply Leona Higgs Apr 23,2015 9:45 pm

    Samuel CARVER

    Am looking for families of Samuel Carver and Mary Logan. Samuel died in 1857 where unknown, father may have been William Carver. Samuel married Mary Logan, her father Joseph Logan in 1849 in Gilmer County. She had brothers Zaddock Packard Logan and Jasper Newton Logan. Have no other information on Samuel but heard their names was in a book of early northern settlers in Georgia. Any information would be greatly appreciated, these are my gr-gr-grandparents.

  44. Reply Carol Farmer Apr 23,2015 9:44 pm

    Elizabeth BROWN

    1850 Gilmer County page 879 House # 1308 Elizabeth Brown age 52 widowed? no husband, my great great Grandmother, with sons: William M. Brown age 21, Francis Calloway age 20, Jane E.age 19, John N. age 17, Susannah C. age 15, Mary Ann age 13, and last Chesly D. age 12(Chester) my Great grandfather. I have located almost all of Chesly’s wife and children, and also Francis Calloway (male) but would dearly love to locate Elizabeth’s husband. If any of you researchers in Gilmer have Brown relatives who could possibly help it would end this many years of research. Elizabeth does list herself as widowed in 1860 with a new sibling added age 16 year old Martin. Was Martin left off in 1850 or was he a missed child? Or was one of the other siblings misnamed?

  45. Reply Marie Burt Apr 23,2015 9:44 pm

    John R. BROOKS

    Looking for any information on the John R. Brooks family. Believe they had at least one daughter when they lived there in 1904-1905, thought to be where John Calvin, son was born. Seeking birth record for John Calvin Brooks, B. Feb 23, 1905 thought to be in Gilmer Co. Son of John Rolin and Nettie Devaney Brooks. Had at least one daughter, Mae Brooks, who was born in TN. Any lead on them would be helpful. John and Nettie were my grandparents. Moved on to Gordon County by 1909.

  46. Reply Sandra Ross Apr 23,2015 9:44 pm

    William S. BAILEY

    I am researching my gr. grandfather, William S. Bailey b. abt. 1841 North Carolina. I found a William S. Bailey b. 1840 living with William Kelly and family in Gilmer County, Georgia. They are on the 1860 Gilmer County, Georgia census. My William S. Bailey is on the 1870 Beaufort County, NC census living with a female. I have been unable to find him on any other census for NC. His father was, I was told, Isaac Bailey, but I have no proof of this. William Samuel Bailey died in 1897 NC. He married Neily (Cornelia) Ann Lilly on 21 Dec. 1876 at Long Acre, Beaufort Co., NC. I have their children’s names if anyone is interested.

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